The Declaration of KRAS-IWA about the power struggle in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the spreading struggle for power between rival factions of the bourgeois oligarchy, unfortunately, involved significant sections of the population. Confrontation acquired brutal character and is accompanied by loss of human life. Anarcho -syndicalists can not support any of the warring sides in the conflict. They are equally hostile to Yanukovych regime with its neo-liberal economic policies and repressive laws that criminalize any protest (including workers picketing of enterprises and independent Internet activity) - and to the "opposition", in which the tone is set by Liberal, Nationalists and by openly Nazi group.

Both camps are equally conservative and nationalist, and any significant difference between them is not visible: neither in social-economic area, nor in domestic or foreign policy. Neither submission to the European Union, nor the submission of the Russian oligarchy does not solve the problems of the working people of Ukraine. Moreover, the victory of one or another group of the bourgeoisie, aiming to seize power or tending to hold it, may turn to workers in the country to social disaster.

We consider just the resistance of workers against Yanukovych`s neoliberal policies and dictatorial government. But we consider unacceptable any participation in joint mobilizations alongside the bourgeois nationalist and openly fascist "opposition".
We encourage libertarian groups and activists of Ukraine to act independently, to put forward their own social-economic slogans and demands and to defend them through the working resistance and social-revolutionary struggle.

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