Vladislav Bugera. An excerpt from the Notes about sense of responsibility

The political writer signing his articles with pseudonym Marlen Insarov proved to be a shallow man. Once we had viewed each other as comrades and friends, we published our articles in the magazine "Proletarian revolution" and in the collections of articles published by the Group of proletarian revolutionary collectivists (GPRK). When Insarov wrote an article "On the history of Marxism in Russia (1918-2002)" I persuaded him to mention as little as possible names of living left-wing activists for no disclose them. He readily agreed - and then I thank that he has some sense of responsibility. So I did not understand, and I wonder again and again all 6 years after our break how it was possible: why he considers as his friend and aggressively seeks to cooperate with a weirdo (who love to use Satanist nicknames, for example three sixes; and we going to call him on Triple Six), who once told a confidential information about me to a notorious provocateur-woman, and subsequently he did not even think to acknowledge his mistake. It is clear that the people are in the view of this weirdo only things and he is too lazy for feel any responsibility or fault to them. But why Insarov, seems to be capable of a sense of responsibility, misses to understand my story about how Triple Six disclosed me?...

The further, the more I was struck by the fact that Insarov attracted to co-operate with the GPRK all possible trash without paying attention not only to the fact that it is trash, but also to the fact that they are morally depraved persons sawing of him as the great militants. And once he pulled the whole ugly organization “Lotta comunista” for cooperation. I was immediately alerted during the first meeting them by complete lack of inner-Party democracy: the leaders are not elected by fellow party members, but they co-opt into its ranks those lower-level party members who they are pleasing. Insarov turned his back on this problem, citing the example of Russian populists (“Narodniki”), who were in the same situation, as he said. It turned out that my suspicion was justified: the members of Lotta were completely shameful, they hated each other. They explained very clearly why they didn`t care a button about each other, but Insarov closed his eyes and ears, persistently trying to keep all possible mixture in a single team. And he did it more and more - just as how a psychotic process began to develop in him around 2002-03. (...)

Later when Insarov itself did me bad turn ever strongly as Triple Six made, it became clear that his sense of responsibility in the past was not very deep, and now it does dissolve in madness. Today we can see the result of this process: Insarov gathered around himself a group called the “Union of Revolutionary Socialists” (ARS or SRS, in Russian), which cooperates with such groups and parties, as MPST and “Social-Revolutionary Movement” (SRD), as well as with a number of activists like Triple Sixes and Michael Magid (the later uses also other nicknames as Shraibman etc.). Magid is very well known for his pretends to be an anarchist, but for many years he promoted the nationalist prejudices inclined to cooperate with the Russian Nazis. Although himself a Jew, he expressed now and then anti-Semitic views, and promotes the work of other anti-Semites, including Yisrael Shamir, also a Jewish anti-Semite beloved by Russian fascists. I write these lines now, and I have before my eyes an article "Coast" of Magid published in a magazine of Ufa "Belskiye prostory", № 6 of 2008 [June]. In this article, Magid made publicity for Shamir, and it was plenty of anti-Semitism ... (Note of Translator: Triple Six is a member of “national-anarchist”, “new rightist” group MPST, and Magid is the shadow leader and theorist of this group).

This crowd is distinguished by two important characteristics:

1) They leave regularly holding to back or denounce left-wing activists, open the Internet confidential information about them, as well as make a very vile intrigues against their opponents. See the description of one of the typical examples of meanness of SRS in the article "Small nasty, or even provocation" on the internationalist blog - http://media-com.livejournal.com/70591.html (in Russian);

2) They combine incongruous things: speaking of their internationalism, they promote co-operation with various fascist groups and activists: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian etc.

Magid and Triple Six tend generally to the second variant... Other nickname of Magid, Shraibman, i.e. a writer man, inspired me to re-read a classic work of German Renaissance literature, Epistolæ Obscurorum Virorum (Letters of Obscure Men). And not in vain. Shraibman resembles not only a real German anti-Semite and agent of Inquisition Johann Pfefferkorn ("Letters of Obscure Men," written by the outstanding German humanists, were a satirical response to anti-Semitic journalism of Pfefferkorn and to propaganda campaign waged by Order of the Dominicans at his instigation), but also a fictional, but very typical hero of "Letters", "Magister Bernhardus Plumilegus vulgariter Federleser”

You can find some information about this smell-bad activity of SRS and their friends in the collection of Internet materials below. Please pay special attention to unmasking made by Internationalist activists on the blogs media-com and vivalafora (in Russian)

About “national-anarchists” of  MPST:

http://vivalafora.livejournal.com/159208.html (“Syndrome of Weimar and the Radical Left”, with many citations from some articles of a member of MPST, “Ecolog2017”, who states that the cosmopolitism is a form of fascism; that “my motherland is not the mankind but my ethnos”; that there is no need to know a culture of another peoples; that the future “free” society must be a federation of “ethnical” communes; that the most important thing is to preserve the “ethnical” and “cultural” identity, without any mixing; that the exploiting classes don`t belong to “people`s identity”; that the “libertarian” revolution would be a “liberation” of ethnicity; that the antifascist movement in Russia must be directed against the “Russophobes” and cosmopolites etc, - note of translator)

http://anarchia-ru.livejournal.com/561945.html (comments of “Ecolog2017”: “I don`t think that a cultural exchange is a ground od development”, - note of translator)

http://anarchia-ru.livejournal.com/777714.html (some other citations of “Ecolog2017”: that the xenophobia is imminent and rational; that the immigrants are only “guests” and they must behave as such; that the “Caucasian” communities are most patriarchal and hierarchical; that there is no need for all to unite in a cultural synthesis, - note of translator)

http://anarchia-ru.livejournal.com/782331.html (citation of “Ecolog2017”: “I believe that the Russian bourgeoisie could hardly be called Russian as their activities are destroying Russian culture. And that I have some commonality with them, it is phantasm...", - note of translator)

http://anarchia-ru.livejournal.com/790331.html (“Ecolog2017” in the comments: “The nation is an enemy of the ehnos”; Magid defends “Ecolog2017”, - note of translator)

(Magid defends the positions of Ecolog2017” in the polemics with French Anarcho-Syndicalists, in English –

About Nationalism by Magid:

http://vivalafora.livejournal.com/162085.html (citations of Magid who stated that there are some discrimination against Russians in Russia, – note of translator)

http://vivalafora.livejournal.com/128525.html (citations of Magid who called the Bolshevist government in Ukraine in 1919 “a Jewish nationalist mafia’s regime”, - note of translator)

http://anarchia-ru.livejournal.com/555460.html (citations of Magid that it would be better in 1942 to surrender in Leningrad in face of Nazis; of course, the Jews would have perished, but many more people would have survived, – note of translator)

http://anarchia-ru.livejournal.com/925519.html (Magid against the ICC; he stated that the nationalist anti-Caucasian pogrom in Kondopoga was a “peoples revolt”, only canalized to pogrom – note of translator)

Triple Six discuss the possibility of Hitler`s victory in the WW2: for some peoples, it would be better: http://wwp666.livejournal.com/11661.html (he stated also thay in this situation, the Jews needed only to mask themselves and to change names, i.e. in the reality, he denied Holocaust, - note of translator)

About SRS:

About the members of SRS reinventing a “progressive nationalism” - http://media-com.livejournal.com/68119.html ; http://ru.indymedia.org/newswire/display/26109/index.php

On November / December of 2011, Insarov put the slogan "Long live the militant alliance of revolutionary socialists and revolutionary social nationalists!". (...). The SRS in Ukraine defends this position: http://komuna.org.ua/?p=316

Triple Six declares this cooperation with the “proletarian” Fascist “an important experience”. About this here: http://anarchism-ru.livejournal.com/1412823.html ; http://media-com.livejournal.com/68982.html

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